About us

The Šabec Kalan Šabec – Architectural firm was founded by Mojca Kalan Šabec and Andrej Šabec in 1990. During the first few years, the firm was engaged predominantly in interior design and graphic design, and later on expanded its activities to architectural design and urban planning.

The project team is composed in such a way that, with their knowledge and many years of experience, they can successfully carry out diverse projects – also by including external partners of various professions, if necessary. Our work covers several areas, such as architectural plans, urban plans and interior design plans, as well as various spatial development concepts, studies and technical bases.

Due to our broad professional competence, we can support the client at all stages of the project, from the development of ideas, spatial verification before the purchase of the property, architectural and urban design, to obtaining the necessary permits and execution. Throughout our operations, we strive for the quality of our work and customer satisfaction.

Project team :

Andrej Šabec, architect

Mojca Kalan Šabec, architect

Jana Klemenčič, municipal engineer

Mojca Gros, architect

Maja Doles, landscape architect

Matic Kržan, architect

Ivana Ljubanović, architect

Kristina Slejko, architect

Jošt Berčič, landscape architect